Let us …

implement your business SYSTEMS

refine your PROCESSES and

AUTOMATE repetitive tasks!

Book a S.P.A. Day for your business and enjoy a much needed stress-free break!


System, Processes and Automation


System Process Automation

A solid business foundation is a necessity for business success. The implementation and use of business systems greatly enhances operations and scalability, while reducing costly disruptions. 

Streamlining and automating manual, repetitive tasks improves efficiencies, simplifies workflows and reclaims your time, thereby increasing the bottom line.

What we do

what we do

We believe you should follow your passion; after all, isn't that why you are in business?

We implement:

  • Client Relationship/Business Management Solutions (CRMs/BMS)
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions

Automating the onboarding and offboarding of clients and employees ensures consistency and frees your time to focus on the things you love while still doing the things you must do.




System Process And automation Strategy

Biz S.P.A.™


We review, research and recommend a system and/or automation to streamline repetitive processes to produce efficient and effective workflows.

System Process And automation Strategy

Biz S.P.A.™


We implement a custom business solution that increases your efficiency and effectiveness with Systems, Streamlined Processes and Automation.

The Systems Diva®

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Karen Carey, The Systems Diva®. I have over 29 years of experience with Information Systems and Technology. Let me help you implement a scalable business foundation. We start with a business management solution and move onto streamlining and automating your processes to increase your efficiency and your bottom line.

We Believe in …

  • Long days and late nights at the computer!
  • Installing office systems for efficiency!
  • Creating new ways to streamline processes!
  • Getting excited about automation!

Installing business systems and trying to streamline and automate processes can get complicated! Before you know it, you have spent hours and made little progress.

We can help you to reclaim your time and run your business more efficiently and effectively!

what we believe

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