I hope your year is off to a great start. I want to share 3 beginning of the year tasks that I do each year.

Coupled with a fresh start it’s the opportunity to do things differently to produce a different outcome. If you have set lofty goals, let’s start with these tasks that will give you quick results.

There are three tasks that business owners should do at the beginning of each year as a best practice.

  1. Change your passwords. I know you like your current password and changing is inconvenient. However is it also a point of vulnerability. If you share passwords with staff, contractors, and people who no longer work with or for you, it is best to change ALL of the passwords to which they had access. Best practice is to change your passwords monthly. Consider using a theme for each month to make it easier to create passwords. As a business owner you must practice what is most advantageous for the business.
  2. Update your headshot. Don’t wait until you make changes to your appearance to get new headshots. I highly recommend that you update your headshots annually. Since you are going to have new headshots, update your email signature and social media profile pictures as well.
  3. Revisit last year’s goals. Compare the goals you set for this year while reviewing the goals you set last year. If you didn’t achieve last year’s goals, regroup, refocus and recommit to doing so this year. This might require a bit of tough self-love and the desire to go all in to achieve your goals.

If you are ready to crush your goals in 2023, let’s dig deep into your business foundation so your business can grow and scale. When you are growing and scaling your business, these tasks will help you to secure your data, brand your business and provide motivation to achieve your goals.