Biz S.P.A.™ Day (Day Rate)


Tired of being Tech Support and the Boss? Are you ready to grow and scale your business efficiently? Gift your business with a Biz S.P.A.™ Day. Let’s spend a day together working on your business to establish a solid business foundation which allows you to scale and grow efficiently.


Biz S.P.A.™ Day (Systems, Processes and Automation)
Audit, Strategy & Systems Implementation

You are ready to grow and scale your business but know that can’t keep up with your current pace. You’ve bought software, systems, and paid for tech support, but it’s still not working. You know you need help but not sure in which way. We know that you have goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and people depending on you for payroll.

We will audit your current systems and processes. We will then work together with you to develop a strategy based on your business goals. We will develop a plan of action and implement a business solution that will increase your efficiency and reduce overwhelm. We will identify and automate repetitive tasks (time stealers), and we will build a system that works for you and the way you work. We will help you RECLAIM your valuable time.

Biz S.P.A.™ Day Includes….

  • S.P.A Consultation
  • Custom Strategy Plan
  • Custom Business Solution
  • Integrate up to 3 Applications
  • Automate up to 3 Workflows
  • Post Implementation Review
  • 30 Day Follow-Up
  • 45 Days of Phone/Email Support


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