The FOUR Systems we

Use and Recommend


Email Marketing Solution

An email marketing system is key to customer attraction and retention. When thinking of the customer buying journey, you may have to earn their trust and prove yourself as a trusted advisor/authority figure. An email marketing solution provides a means of communicating your value consistently.

Email marketing systems, although used by some as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, are not CRMs. The design of the email marketing system is to deliver mass email messages at a higher rate than other email marketing tools.

Email Marketing Solutions

What we use:



Business Management Solution

A Business Management Solution is an all-in-one solution. It combines a customer relationship management system with an email marketing solution and an invoicing/payment processing solution as well.

You can implement a cost-effective and fully functional business management solution to be a one-stop-shop.

The most popular business management solutions are very feature rich and customizable, several of which have the ability to collaborate with your customers via a secure customer portal.

Business Management Solution

What we use:



Cloud-based Storage Solution

If you have ever spent the better part of an hour looking for a file on your computer, you know the value of having a good file organization system.

I highly recommend that files are stored in at least two locations for redundancy. If you are unable to access one location, you should still have access to the other.

Cloud-Based Storage provides access to your files from any device with internet access. That is a tremendous value when switching over to a new computer. 

Cloud-based storage solution

What we use:

google gsuite

G Suite/Google Drive

Social Media Management Solution

One of the most effective and economical means of marketing is via social media. While it is easy to believe that all social media platforms are essentially the same, when you look at the audiences to whom they promote, each social media platform is different.

Facebook is the ultimate platform for two-way visual and text- based conversations, research, educational development, community communications, and text-based and visual-based chatting.

Instagram users are more visual and use that platform for visual conversations (picture posts, video, quotes, reels, etc.). As of late Instagram is now open for chatting.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a platform comprised mostly of visual based posts. Pinterest is not designed to be conversational, however it offers a great platform on which to showcase your products/services.

YouTube is one-way communication and therefore an excellent platform on which to educate others about your products/services. LinkedIn is the platform of choice for Business to Business networking.

While you do not have to actively engage on all platforms, it is recommended that you establish a presence on each platform. That provides the greatest likelihood of your ideal client finding you on their platform of choice.

In order to make the process of posting to those platforms less daunting, there are many social media management systems that have calendars such that you can create and schedule your posts in advance. That method helps you to establish a strong social media presence without the need to post daily.

social media management solution

What we use:



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