We simplify systems, create processes and automate workflows!

Book one of our S.P.A. Services and get a much needed break by letting us implement your office systems properly, automate your workflows, and reclaim your TIME! Do what you love and make more money!
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We Believe you should follow your passion; after all, isn’t that why you are in business?




This is what we do for you:

Implementing Client Relationship Management (CRMs), Email Marketing Solutions and Business Management Solutions are just a few of the Systems, Processes, and Automation (S.P.A.) services we offer. Treat your business to a S.P.A. day.

Automating the onboarding and offboarding of clients and employees ensures consistency and frees your time to focus on the things you love while still doing the things you must do.

My story


am Karen Careyaffectionately known as “The Systems Diva®.” am an ASSET (Automation Systems Strategy Expert Techie) with almost 30 years of experience in Information Systems and Technology, Digital and Social Media management. My focus is helping busy women to achieve goals, increase revenue and establish strong digital presence through strategic marketing initiatives.

When you work with Structure Over Chaos, LLC, you can be assured that wealth of knowledge and experience accompanies each project. We excel in streamlining processes and implementing Systems and Automation to increase efficiency. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement holistic solutions to provide structure over the chaos of business.

We are full service agency focused on Technology, Strategy, Digital and Social Media Marketing and Management, Systems and Automation, Content Creation and Curation.

The S.P.A. Assessment

We assess your existing systems, processes and automation. We recommend opportunities to increase efficiency, identify repetitive processes and suggest areas in which automation may reduce overwhelm.

The s.p.A. Day

We implement one system such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)System, a Business Management Solution, a Project Management Solutions or an Email Marketing Solution.
All services (where applicable) include:
  • Client on-boarding and S.P.A. Consult/Strategy
  • Complete customization and integration of up to two processes
  • Welcome email sequence
  1. Includes 5 email sequences
  2. Light copy provided
    • Email and chat support (extends 4 weeks after completion)

    S.P.A. VIP Day (Systems, Processes and Automation)

    Systems Assessment, Business Strategy & Implementation 

    This is for you if….

    You are ready to grow and scale your business but know that you have to lay down a solid business foundation first. It’s fine if you aren’t quite sure what you need or if what you have already purchased will work. We know that you have goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and people depending on you for payroll.

    This is how it works….

    We will assess your current systems and processes. We will then work together with you to develop a strategy based on your business goals. We will develop a plan of action and we will implement a business management solution that will increase your efficiency and reduce overwhelm. We will identify and automate repetitive tasks (time stealers), and we will configure integrations to promote a unified business solution. We will help you RECLAIM your valuable time.


    • S.P.A. Consult
    • S.P.A. Strategy
    • S.P.A. Assessment
    • Implementation Plan
    • Custom Business Solution
    • Configure up to 3 Application Integrations
    • Automate up to 3 Workflows
    • Post Implementation Review
    • 30 Day Follow-up
    • 60 Days of Phone/Email Support