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Streamline Your Business and Boost Your Profits (IN A DAY) Even If You're Tech- Challenged
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Don’t Let Chaos Rule Your Business – Let Us Install, Configure, and Customize Your Perfect System in just one day!

  • No more chaos trying to keep data updated in several systems – we’ll integrate your systems to share data
  • No more wasting time being confused about what tech you need – I’ll guide you to the tech that works for your business
  • No more lost revenue due to forgotten meetings or missed messages – we’ll automate your processes
  • No more wasting money on tools you’ll never use – you’ll get a custom business solution tailored to your business needs
  • No more feeling like you are all over the place – you’ll finally have the tools to work smarter, not harder
  • Soon you’ll have a custom-made solution that’s as sassy and classy as you are
What if I told you there was a solution that could help you take charge of your business like the boss you are?

Introducing the

Biz S.P.A.™ Day


We’ll give you a custom business solution that’ll have you reclaiming your time and making money like never before!

Here are some things we can do in a day…

Implement Systems

We will setup, customize and integrate your CRM, Email Marketing Solution and Payment Method to ensure seamless communication and data sharing.

Streamline Processes

We will map out your current workflow, review and identify inefficiencies and implement changes to streamline the process and save time.

Custom Automation

We will review and identify tasks we can automate and create custom automation that will increase productivity while reducing the number of manual tasks.

What To Expect......

By the end of the day,

You will have a fully functional business system,

designed to meet your biz needs.


You will decide on the problem we will solve.

While this is a Done For You Day, there may be a need to contact you
to ask clarifying questions.


In order to maximum the value from your Biz S.P.A.™ Day, you must complete & return your prepwork.


I just wanted to come on here real quick to give a review on my consultation call with Karen C Carey. I met with Karen to talk about how ChatGPT can help my business grow and help me manage my time better. I was completely blown away by the system. Karen’s level of knowledge, and expertise on this subject and her perspective on business development is remarkable.

I was skeptical about ChatGPT but Karen’s presentation sold me. I have a real estate business, coaching business and ChatGPT will help me take my business to the next level. Karen thank you so much for your wisdom, business acumen, business knowledge and your selflessness to help others catapult to the next level.

I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t booked with Karen to go run and do it before her calendar closes.

~ K. H.

Case Study

Onboard Your Clients On AutoPilot

Providing the ultimate customer experience should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. When you have an automated onboarding process, you can provide and request needed information with ease and welcome your clients (even when you’re at the beach – vacation time anyone???). Automating a manual process can vastly improve your customer’s experience.

What to learn more about how you can automate your business?

Here’s what every Biz S.P.A.™ Day includes:

      • 60 minute Consult
      • Biz Assessment
      • Biz Strategy Plan
      • Biz S.P.A.™ Day


      • Fully Functional Implemented Business Solution
        • Connect up to 3 Applications
        • Automate up to 3 Workflows
      • Post Implementation Review
      • 30 Day Follow-Up
      • 45 Days of Phone/Email Support


4 steps to a calming (& productive) Biz S.P.A.™ Day

Step 1: Consult

We will identify the goals you want to achieve during the session. I.E. Implementing a new software, optimizing your business systems and processes, etc.

Step 2: Prep

There will be pre-work to complete, such as filling out a questionnaire and/or providing login credentials. This information is needed for a successful Biz S.P.A. Day.

Step 3: Biz S.P.A.™ Day

I will work to achieve the goals you identified. I will complete the tasks and activities planned for the day, providing feedback and updates as needed.

Step 4: Support

You’ll receive email and phone support for a limited time. We will also conduct a post implementation review and provide access to our private Facebook community.

My goal with your Biz S.P.A.™ Day is that you walk away feeling like you had a relaxing massage and are ready to tackle your business goals

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You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

What is a Biz S.P.A.™ Day?

This is a day where you invest in your business to implement business software, streamline processes and create custom automation (S.P.A.) to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

What can I expect from a Biz S.P.A.™ Day?

You can expect to work closely with me to make significant progress towards your goals in a short amount of time. The day will be focused on achieving specific outcomes that you have identified beforehand.

How long is a Biz S.P.A.™ Day?

This is a “Done For You” Service. I will only work on your business on the day you book. Typically 6 – 7 hours are allocated to working solely on your business.

How do I prepare for a Biz S.P.A.™ Day?

I will provide guidance on how to prepare for the day, which may include completing pre-work, organizing your thoughts and ideas, and providing needed login credentials.



I’m Karen Carey, affectionately known as “The Systems Diva®.” I have more than 30 years of experience in Information Systems and Technology, Digital and Social Media management. My mission is helping busy women to save time, achieve goals, increase revenue by crafting a business solution that includes software that works for your business, streamlined processes and custom automation.

When you work with Structure Over Chaos, LLC, you can be assured that a wealth of knowledge and experience accompanies each project. We excel in streamlining processes and implementing software and automation to increase efficiency. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement holistic solutions to provide structure over the chaos of business.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take charge of
your business
and live your best life.
Book your Biz S.P.A.™ Day now and let’s get this party started!

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